Summer Camp Adventure in New York’s Adirondack Park

Long Lake Camp Adventures is an overnight camp filled with fun, exciting activities and all sorts of unique trips for young, tween, and teenage campers. Upon arrival at our location, high up in New York’s breath taking Adirondack Mountains, campers start to feel right at home in our modern, comfortable cabins, they will soon begin some of the most fun, thrilling and rewarding experiences of their lives!

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A Sleep Away Camp Offering an Unparalleled Variety of Exciting Activities & Wilderness Adventure

The fun begins once they get settled, because every camper gets to choose their own unique schedule every day. Our endless variety of activities and amazing trips means that no two days will ever be the same. Campers can start a day with a paintball game, fishing or doing Pilates and finish it with kayaking, soccer or a guitar or drum lesson. Day two might be filled with ATVs, horseback riding, arts and crafts and more. Come and join our summer camp to really start exploring your wild side.

We give every camper so many options that it can be hard to pack everything into a single day. Whether you’re competing in different sports events or discovering new talents with art and music there’s something here for everyone. Your adventure this year could include:

  • ATV & Horseback Riding
  • High Ropes Adventure Course
  • Paintballing & Archery
  • Wakeboarding & Skateboarding
  • Sailing & Tubing
  • Gardening & Raising Farm Animals
  • Arts & Crafts (in 20 studios, open to all mediums)
  • Music (start a rock band or discover a new instrument)
  • Unlimited Sports & Games

Comfortable and Modern Cabins for Every Camper

The new cabins we have built look out over the beautiful Long Lake and right off into the Adirondack High Peaks. These cabins have a modern and comfortable feel with their gorgeous pine walls and cedar bathrooms with slate floors. Safety is our top concern, so we keep the cabins well insulated to keep your camper cozy; not to mention the fact that our cabins are also made to New York’s highest safety standards including separate sprinkler systems for each room and hard wired smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. We also have councilors who will live in the cabins on-site, to assure that your camper is safe and having a fun, wholesome time.

Solar Paneled Cabins

Solar Paneled Cabins

When campers need a break, there’s no better place to relax then on the porches of the cabins overlooking the beautiful Long Lake and the mountains behind it. At night they can enjoy the luxury and company of being with their peers, camp directors and of course a camp fire for roasting marshmallows and S’more’s.

Summer Camp Cabings

Our Typical Camper Profile

Our campers are boys and girls that range anywhere from 9 to 16 years old, and come from all over the world. We take pride in catering to each of our campers’ wants and needs, ensuring that they will have the best experience possible. Our kids love the outdoors and are not afraid to get dirty or back down from a challenge like our new 40 foot climbing tower!

Whether it is their first time away from home, or a returning camper, our camp directors and counselors provide the highest levels of support and care. We want to make sure that each camper understands that they are our top priority and we are willing to move mountains for them. We have a whole group of counselors called unit leaders and their only job is to ensure that their group of campers is happy, busy and getting everything they want from camp. Unit leaders also speak to parents regularly and give them updates on their kids while at camp.

The Majestic Adirondack Mountains of New York

Our camp is fortunate enough to have the awe inspiring Adirondack Mountains as a backdrop that offers breathtaking views everywhere you look. Our location also helps to connect the campers with nature, increasing their awareness with the outdoors and the world surrounding them. We feel it is important to protect and preserve the surrounding area and do our best to engage in eco-friendly forms of energy and fun. We are 100% Solar Powered and grow more and more fruits and veggies each year.

The 14 mile long, Fabled Long Lake

Long Lake - The Home of Our Camp
Spanning 14 miles, Long Lake is not just another lake, but a part of our playground. With cabins located near the shore and activities offered in the lake all day our kids grow to love the lake. One end of the lake is fed by Buttermilk Falls and the other end turns into a beautiful river full of bass ready to be reeled in! At the end of each session campers can take in the beauty overhead with one of our seaplane trips, or get a hands-on experience through boating, jet-skiing, fishing, swimming, and a variety of water sports.

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