10 Random but Fun Camp Activities at Our Camp

June 2, 2014

Here at Long Lake Adventure Camp, we appreciate the variety of activities this world offers. We don’t want to limit our campers with activities. To prevent limiting our campers, we offer this deep wide range of activities and events at our camp so the camper can have the ultimate experience. An experience they will often times remember the rest of their life.

Although we do have this incredible lake in our front yard, not all of our activities are on the water. We understand that not all campers want to spend everyday on the lake. Our activities on and off the lake help develop skill, increase discipline, build relationships, are exciting, often times involve cardio exercise, build team work skills, and most importantly are very fun and fulfilling. The activities serve a great purpose and our the apart of the foundation that makes our camp great.

With a whole variety of activities we do have some pretty random ones that most camps don’t offer. These activities aren’t foreign and most campers usually have done these activities before outside of camp. Campers love this aspect of our camp, the random activities.

The Ten Random Activities

Hiking the Adirondacks
With the Adirondacks in our backyard, there’s unlimited hiking opportunities for our campers. The scenery is something special when they hike. Campers usually hike in groups to help with safety. The last thing we would ever want to hear is that we lost a camper from hiking. Campers love hiking because they’re able to get away from it all and really explore nature with their open minds.

2.Zip Lining
Zip Lining
There’s nothing more thrilling then flying from tree to tree on a zip line. This activity is loved by all the adventurous campers. It really is a popular random one. Campers can catch some incredible speeds on the zip line. This activity never gets old and it really takes their adrenaline levels to new heights.

Gardening might be the most underrated activity at the camp. We have a large group of campers that love to garden. Gardening wont take the adrenaline levels to new heights but campers are able to feel that satisfaction and peace that comes with gardening. Don’t let it fool you, this is a very loved and admired activity that brings out the best in our young campers!

Archery Camp
Archery is a very loved activity. Even among the campers that have never shot an arrow in their life. This activity helps build onto a campers focus and ability to concentrate. The activity also involves eye hand coordination and campers love to get competitive with their bow and arrow skills. It is another one of our awesome random camp activities.

5.Rock Climbing
Rock Climbing Summer Camp
At our camp we have rock climbing walls built into some of our tree areas. Rock climbing is a great physical activity, it builds strength into the upper and lower bodies of our campers. This activity is safe, we make sure we follow all of the safety guidelines with rock climbing. If your camper loves climbing, this is the perfect camp for them!

6.The Slip N’ Slide
slip n slide camp
There’s nothing funner than the slip n’ slide. No matter how old you are this activity will not only be random, but legendary! Wiping down our hills with water and sun hitting you in the face is what life is all about in your youth! This activity is not going anywhere, it’s apart of who we are.

7.ATVs/Four Wheeling
Four Wheeling Camp
Off-roading on ATVs is a very fun activity. It brings on all sorts of adventure. It naturally triggers the endorphin’s and campers miss this activity the most when they leave. When your backyard is the adirondacks of New York, you have all sorts of trails and offroading opportunities available.

8.White Water Rafting
incredible rafting shot
We absolutely love water and white water rafting is one of our favorite activities. It’s fun and thrilling in every way. The activity is rocky and monitored for safety. When your camper goes home, they wont stop talking about this activity if they did it.

We get campers that love exercise. Yoga is one of their favorites, and it’s actually a very common morning activity around camp. It’s great exercise and so good for the young soul!

10.Tight Rope Walking
tight rope walking camp
The tight rope helps increase a campers balance. It usually requires campers helping out other campers, making a great learning and team work activity.

In Conclusion

The more activities the more fun! The more campers having fun the happier the world is! Thank you for reading and be sure to sign up for summer!

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