Our camp is fortunate enough to have the awe inspiring Adirondack Mountains as a backdrop that offers breathtaking views everywhere you look. Our location also helps to connect the campers with nature, increasing their awareness with the outdoors and the world surrounding them. We feel it is important to protect and preserve the surrounding area and do our best to engage in eco-friendly forms of energy and fun. We are 100% Solar Powered and grow more and more fruits and veggies each year.

The 14 mile long, Fabled Long Lake

lake view Spanning 14 miles, Long Lake is not just another lake, but a part of our playground. With cabins located near the shore and activities offered in the lake all day our kids grow to love the lake. One end of the lake is fed by Buttermilk Falls and the other end turns into a beautiful river full of bass ready to be reeled in! At the end of each session campers can take in the beauty overhead with one of our seaplane trips, or get a hands-on experience through boating, jet-skiing, fishing, swimming, and a variety of water sports.




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Long Lake Performing Arts Camp
If you also have campers who love the fine & performing arts, we have
a spectacular camp next door, Long Lake Camp For The Arts!