Our Girls Rock

Girls absolutely love Long Lake Camp Adventures for everything it has to offer and we have added many activities over the years that our female campers in particular have found a love for! Horseback, Gymnastics, Cheerleading, Yoga, Arts and Crafts, the Organic Garden, Fitness and Hip-Hop Dance classes have all been heavily attended by our female campers but they love to get in just as much fun with the ATV’s, paintball, automotive classes and More! At Long Lake Camp Adventures, we don’t believe in classifying activities by gender, our focus is on providing all kids a space to explore what makes them happy.




Being a Girl at Adventure Camp means being surrounded by other people, from around the world who share similar interests, passions and skills. If you interested in how a car works, how to run maintenance checks, and how to put together and build your own engines and vehicles, then Long Lake is the place for you. Excited about twisting and turning through the woods on an ATV and flying through massive mud puddles? You’ll find girls just like you here at Adventure Camp!

Long Lake Camp Adventures is a place where a girl can be anything she wants to be, with no restrictions, limitations or pressures from the outside world to be anything but who she is. The beauty really comes from sharing those passions with other girls and learning that no matter what it is you love, there are countless people out there who can get just as excited as you and show it!


Our girls have built running cars from scratch, wiped out every other camper in tournaments, set unbeaten records, and most importantly formed friendships that last a lifetime! Many of our campers remain friends way beyond camp and often keep us updated with messages outlining how much camp meant to them as a child by providing a space to develop confidence and grow into strong young women. Take a look at some of the activities our girls love taking part in by clicking on the buttons below!

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Long Lake Performing Arts Camp
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